THE BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Pledge by Iyanla Vanzant

I am a Black girl. My life is important. I am the continuation of a history, legacy and tradition of powerful people. The lives of my fore mothers now have meaning through me. I stand today because of who they were.

I am a Black girl. My presence is essential. I am a demonstration of the past, an inspiration for the future, and I represent the unlimited possibilities of the present moment.

I am a Black girl. I have a voice. I say the important things that need to be said. I do not waste my voice on gossip, slander or disrespect of myself, my sisters or other people. I know the power of the spoken word and I use my words wisely.

I am a Black girl. I know my worth. I hold myself in high esteem because I value who I am. I treat myself with loving care, respect and honor. I honor and hold sacred my mind, body and my heart.

I am a Black girl. I am committed and confident. I am committed to a future that holds great possibilities for me, my family, and the world. As I move confidently into my next most appropriate steps, I am inspired by life and I inspire others.

I am a Black girl. I have a vision for myself and a vision for my life. It is a vision anchored in love, propelled by integrity and advanced by faith. I am committed to learning how I can improve all aspects of myself so that I will be the best me I can be.

I am a Black girl. I am not intimidated by anyone or anything. I bow to no one and nothing save my Creator. I move with elegance, grace and ease, effortlessly accomplishing all that I set my heart and mind to do when it serves my highest and greatest good.

I am a Black girl. My life is connected to a loving Creator who protects and guides me at all times. Therefore, I am humble and honorable, patient and powerful; focused and flexible, determined and dynamic; loved and loving.

I am a Black girl. I say it, therefore, I am it!

I am life overflowing!

I AM success manifesting!

I AM confidence in action!

I AM fearless and free!

I AM commitment that moves obstacles!

I AM inspiration unfolding!

I AM Pure Love!

I am a Black girl and I Rock!